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Citizens’ initiative

The Compensation Plan Group (CPG) wants more research to be carried out into the entire sound spectrum of wind turbines and the influence on the health and well-being of humans and animals. For this purpose, we want to promote the Spui Wind Farm, with an ambient noise of less than 30 dB (A) at night, as a suitable research location. The objective is for the government to revise the 41/47 Lden noise standard for wind farms, including the Low Frequency and Infrasonic noise and adapt the distance criteria to homes.

To achieve this, the CPG has submitted a request to the municipality of Hoeksche Waard with a copy to the competent authority, Province of South Holland and the responsible Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. A copy of this request can be viewed via this link.

If you support this initiative, we invite you to express your support through the form below. Your name and address will only be used to process this statement of support with our AVG condition. No lists will be published publicly. We can, however, decide to bundle your data and comments and forward them to the competent authority. (municipality / province / empire)

A lot of noise for a bit of noise

You can support this citizens’ initiative through this link

Nieuw-Beijerland, 21 February 2019

Dear Board Members,

What happened can not, is not right and should never have happened. Yet an entire army with clever heads kicked in, with all its intelligence. We can not do that with our full understanding! Not now, never.

In accordance with the international and now also Dutch surveys and re-standards on noise and ad D (distance) homes from and to wind turbines, we make the following application, as a citizens’ initiative:

Request for scientific research / monitoring of total effect / consequences Windpark Spui. To the municipality, province and empire. A dozen reasons.

Reading guide: Request is described in: 00 Request for research LFg Council membersHW.pdf what is added as an appendix below. The texts contain blue underlined words that link to background information. These can be accessed via the control key and mouse click. The text also refers to annexes that are listed below from 1 to 16.

It is so difficult that we, in addition to the arguments in the application, want to put this to your heart:

Choosing or tying, homing or calf, examines the wind turbine sound, over and out. The inaudible hearing is not between the ears, the whole body perceives it, all around suffering the wind from the front, and away with that danger! The Netherlands is really not getting bigger because of the largest wind turbines onshore.

In Holland there is a house- and there it is not fluff- because the wicks really tear blood-hardening from your buebromgrom- you do not sleep anymore- and you vibrate your crooked and you’re afraid too – then he falls om- ja -in Holland is a home              it no longer feels like Home

Many of you were involved in making 90 MW of wind farms in the Hoeksche Waard fit. In Korendijk, the province took over the management for the licensing of the largest wind turbines currently available on the market. You gave the developer Klein Piershil BV (KP) “carte blanche”. The permit allowed the largest wind turbines to be placed in the Spui wind farm. No 15 MW, no less than 21 MW. No 4 wind turbines, no 5 huge whoppers in the living environment of 4 small villages, separated by a meandering river called the Spui.

This control was so comprehensive that the competent authority went so far as to cut off discussions with local residents on 7 March 2017 (appendix 1 report on the participation process), despite the principles of the 2013 energy agreement and a code of conduct approved by the government, drawn up by the government. wind sector (NWEA) itself.

Now after almost 2 years of silence of the province and the wind farm that will be operational in early April. Now all-encompassing visible in the wide area, but fortunately not yet audible. (At least relative, building noise and in strong winds the growling of devastating wind around the enormous wind turbine towers, etc., which already cause nuisance). So now, in the absence of proper consultation and not meeting the CPG objectives, so right now, we appeal to you as parliamentarians!

Request for scientific research / monitoring of total effect / consequences Windpark Spui.

To the municipality, province and empire.

A dozen reasons:

1. There is serious ignorance of gaps in existing and moving (in the legal) norms and jurisprudence ad audible and only perceptible sound, decibels and low-frequency noise and infrasound as well as the European, and even Dutch, diversity of regulated distances to homes.

2. Scientific research into the health-well-being consequences for local residents would provide an excellent opportunity around Windpark Spui. Related to measurements over a long period of the entire sound spectrum (including LFg / IS), integrated on the façades, in the houses and in the gardens. Done by doctors, physicists, acousticians, from the Netherlands and internationally. How can you be in the knowledge that at 500 meters from your home three sheets of 21.8 tons per piece are standing as a jekko with about 250 km / h on the tip. And when the wind turns, the distance to the habitation is even that 500 meters. minus the wick length !! So just about in your backyard !!

You do not see the type Enercon E126 EP4 that much, well, we do, every day! Blades so large with a rotor diameter of 127 meters, comparable to 15 trucks running 24/7 laps. If one breaks, then it goes well. With environmentally polluting rejection and emission of components and then much further than the 500 mtr. As in the recent Borchen accident in Germany, of the same type of Enercon, even +800 meters. In addition, the neighbors still have horizon pollution, an unsaleable house, drop shadow, woesjwoesj decibel noise and sound of a boot in the washing machine, continuous, and last but not least, infrasonic and low-frequency sound. Also called the disk of 5. This disc of 5 must therefore be taken into account in the application as well as the execution of the research.

3. Considering that in a radius of 2 km around wind park Spui eight schools / childcare locations are located, namely OBS ’t Kraaiennest, CBS De Wegwijzer, Kivido Villa Pier (Piershil), ODBS Onder de Wieken, School with the Bible, Kivido Villa Spui, Stichting Zomerkind (Nieuw-Beijerland)

+ OBS De Gouwart, School with the Bible (Goudswaard) where the children are therefore continuously exposed to LFg and infrason pulses, because they live in the villages, go to school, play and sleep there. Children are particularly at risk because of 24/7 presence in the area. But also the parents should not get sick and their grandfathers and grandmothers do not.

4- In the mentioned twitterconversation (appendix 2) the RIVM does not mention a decimal point that it is difficult to trace the source of LFg, while measuring equipment has been developed for this and a kind of fingerprint (amplitude resonance escalation effect), ie a 1/1 connection between wind turbines and the dwellings can be made.

5- Already from many studies at international level it appears that people who are closer than 2 km. in the case of wind turbines, the following pathogenic reactions occur such as: dizziness, nausea, tinnitus, nosebleeds, chest pain, sleep problems, fatigue, concentration disorders, depression and aggression, vascular thickenings that are diagnosed / reported after thorough scientific medical research. These pathogenic phenomena have even been named by medical examiners: WTS and VAD. Wind turbine syndrome and Vibro Acoustic Disease.

6- Since the RvS took seriously the RIVM report published in August 2017, which is in fact a re-enumeration of aforementioned results from wind turbine syndrome (WTS) and Vibroacoustic Disease (VAD), with an epidemiologist and physicist;

a. They persisted in their own and previous observation that only 9% became ill;

b. In addition, the TNO report proving that this is 20%, aside from it;

c. And not to anticipate the request from the Interior Board to include low humtones in the Noise Pollution Act.

7- The 9% of the RIVM, 9% of residents who may inadvertently suffer health damage, is out of date; from a recent ZDF – Planet E documentary one now starts from 10 to 30%. The clear conclusion that was drawn; “Insomnia, heart problems, perception disorders, dizziness, that are just 10% and 30% of people who are reacted to it” …

8- Since the wind industry also benefits from this research, a faster throughput procedure if one builds on the appropriate locations and does not have to forcely use a costly retarding force. And so to gain clarity about what is and is not (medically) responsible, and that must be legally rodable / legally standardized in procedures, and acted upon, even with retroactive effect.

9- Since the World Health Organization (Appendix 6) is also working on adjustments to both sound (see 6c) and distance guidelines, eea. Corresponding to the precautionary principle.

10- In the supplement to the EIA wind park Spui dated 31-05-2016 (appendix 3), the province stated that in the quiet outlying area (night values ​​below 30 dB (A) without large-scale activities this noise at night would be twice as bad). is experienced, ie 60 dB (A), and 47 Lden than 95 dB (A), because this would be common for quiet outlying areas like here, and yet this area is not included as a silent area in the environmental regulation ZH. You can imagine that you also have something like feeling sound, and it’s getting bitter-hard here: the standard setting and the calculation and measurement regulations for wind turbines do not provide for this.The low background noise is not a reason for tailor-made regulations based on article 3.14a of the environmental management activities decision.

11. A (limited) grasp from various researchers / research shows that there is more to it, such as for example;

a. Frits van den Berg (will be awarded a PhD by the University of Groningen on 12 May 2006 – also co-author TNO recommendation 2008).

From his measurements at, for example, wind farm Rhede, it appears that at night it can be windless on the ground, while it is blowing at higher altitudes. This is not the case during the day. As a result, modern, high wind turbines rotate much faster at night than during the day and also make more noise. At that height it can blow hard, while it is completely silent on the ground. This is very common in our climate. “Van den Berg:” The annoyance of this noise is that you hear it constantly and that it fluctuates. Residents of wind farms compare it with an endless train, the surf or a rising 747. It also looks like the sound of the bass that you hear when your neighbor’s music is too loud. It disturbs Van den Berg that government and operators dismiss the complaints from local residents as a ‘not in my backyard’ attitude. “That’s just arrogant. People living up to one or two kilometers away from a wind farm do suffer from it. Moreover, the noise standards are really exceeded. Wind farms are just big business. (appendix 7, 8, 9 and 10)

b. Nina Pierpont MD, PhD, NY. US researcher on Wind Turbine Syndrome “Many people living within 2 km of these spinning giants get sick. So sick that they often abandon (as in, lock the door and leave) their homes. Nobody wants to buy their acoustically toxic homes “(Appendices 11 and 12)

c. Dr Mariana Alves-Pereira, Ph.D. Lusofona University, Lisbon, Portugal. 30 years of research into the effects of LFg.

d. Dr. Lars Ceranna, Federal Institute of Geo science and natural resources (BGR) – shows that LFg is still measurable at 20 km from the source. (Appendix 13)

e. Prof. dr. Simone Kuhn, Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, expose 4 weeks of subjects to LFg and shows the influence of LFg on the brain. (Appendix 14)

f. Prof. dr. Christian-Friedrich Vahl, Hart Surgeon, University Medical Center of the Joh. Gutenberg University, Mainz. Shows effect LFg on heart muscle (February 2018). The energy of LFg weakens the heart muscle. Further research needed! (Appendix 15)

g. Michael G. Smith et al. University of Gothenburg, Sweden, study sleep disorder by LFg and also found that you do not sleep well, with all the consequences for public health. (unrest, exhaustion, poor or not functioning, psychological effects, etc.) (appendix 16)

h. Markku Mehtatalo, researcher and chairman of the Finnish Association for Environmental Health recently published a multi-year study, with a research group of 200 local residents. Here earlier assumptions of effects of LFg at a distance from the source were previously reduced at 10 km, adjusted to 15 to 20 km where effects were measurable. This is also in line with Dr. Lars Ceranna, Federal Institute of Geo science and natural resources (BGR) (see point d). Because the Finnish living groups are too small, no firm conclusions can be drawn regarding health effects. More research is needed for this. You can find a reference to this research via this link.

i. Edwin Nieuwenhuizen Difference in noice regulation for wind turbines in EU countries, paper at the Euronoise 2015. Extreme differences. Starting from the Spui wind farm, the noise standards in the Netherlands allow such a park to be located 400 meters from the houses; in Wallonia this is 800 more; in Flanders a little more 875 meters; in Germany it is more than 900 meters and in Denmark it is more than 1000 meters. (Appendices 17 and 18)

12. Since there is a tilt, a contribution is currently being made in the Netherlands, based on truth finding and redirecting to what does work (see eg ” taken by ” De Verleiders ”), which resulted in upcoming changes in the Dutch banking system, see also their presentation ad data and privacy ” hide #niks ” This omission ??, as well as the appearance of Rutger Bregman in Davos): this specific integral research would complement existing and certainly progressive insight / staffs as well as benefiting people, climate and investments: in short, to serve the environment. Scientific expertise legally recognized.

The Netherlands knowledge land, our humble people along the wild North Sea. With all its winds from all directions. You as proud representatives of the people, we call on you to gather the knowledge on which we can sail as citizens! And of course you can also stay well asleep, be able to sit outside in the summer, enjoy our beautiful gardens, take a walk safely or do a round on the bike and feel free to let our children stay at school, go outside or let in play. (And to be able to cycle on safe traffic-free roads to their schools without having to pass a turbine that is on their safe short route less than 7 meters along the road.To cycling to avoid that gives too many risks by the many cars .)

This without worrying about sleep disorders and sleep deprivation, headaches, tinnitus, pressure on the ears, dizziness, vertigo (vertigo), nausea, blurred vision, problems with concentration and memory, accelerated heartbeat and panic attacks associated, thickening of the heart tissue and what not anymore ….

Not convinced yet? Around 1980, the US military investigated the use of an LFg weapon to shoot LFg pulses and thus eliminate the enemy. It turned out to be an unreliable weapon. One group reacted very violently, the other less and the third group not at all. In our backyard, 5 of these guns are set up, completely unreliable. Who is hit? No dog who knows it now.

And yes, all infra and ultra manifestations in physics, physical states of being, are invisible and inaudible to man, but are / are absurdly dynamic from an absolution.

And yes, surface tension of water is invisible,

and yes, even specific weight is invisible,

and yes, a coming tsunami is inaudible, but the animals do flock en masse,

and yes, even wind an sich is invisible, but the wind farmers / initiators are working hard with that …

That Galileo and Copernicus suffred because they see that the earth was not flat by the rulers was not seen is known, and also that by means of finally seeing perceptions and calculations and validations were adjusted. Progressive insight, a continuous process. And advancing insight must, precisely that, come back in this process. Then the normal is no longer leading.

And how beautiful, just before the elections!